Receiving Future Deposits

Once your account is fully active, getting paid is even easier AND faster! The credit card and bank payment fields will appear on all invoices that you issue in your ‘Default’ currency so that either you or your customer can submit a payment. Once the payment is received it will be processed and deposited automatically on a two business day schedule for credit cards and four business day schedule for bank payments; with no extra work needed on your end.

Just as with your first payment, future payments will show up in your bank account as the original payment amount less the fees. So, for example, if your customer pays you $100 with a credit card, you would see $96.80 deposited to your account.

If you are looking to only accept credit cards, but not bank payments (or vice versa), you will be able to adjust this by going to Settings > Payments and turning off the toggle for the payment method you wish to remove from your invoices.

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