You just got paid!

In order to receive your payment, you will now need to complete a brief application where we collect some information about you, the business owner and any other owners involved with the business, about your business, and banking details to tell us where to send your money!

When specifying the bank account where you’ll want to receive deposits, please ensure the Routing Number is specifically for ACH transfers as some banks use different Routing Numbers for different deposits.

To access the application, log into Wave and click the Sales > Payments tab along the left side menu, then click Continue Setup. The application will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

We recommend that the owner of the business complete the setup themselves as there will be an identity verification portion towards the end of the application.

Once this application step is complete and your account is fully active, you can expect your first payment to deposit into your specified bank account in 2 business days if it's a credit card, and 2-7 business days if it's a bank payment. 

The deposit you receive will be the total payment less the associated processing fees (2.9% + $0.30 for credit cards and 1% for bank payments). E.g., if you were paid $100 using a credit card, you would see a deposit amount of $96.80 (Wave will take care of recording the payment and bookkeeping the fees for you!)

What to do if Identity Verification fails: As you complete your application, the Identity Verification steps will ask you a number of questions drawn from public records which you are expected to know. Sometimes questions seem ‘odd’ or imprecise, and you may not give the exact answers the system expects. If you ‘fail’ identity verification, simply let our Support team know and we can help with the next steps.

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