Receive your first invoice payment

If your business is in the United States, Wave Payments setup does not need to be completed until you have processed a payment and you want your money deposited, however, you can complete it anytime before this so that it doesn't cause any delays.

We recommend that the owner of the business complete the Wave Payments setup as the application requests confidential information, including verification of the business owner's identity.

Once your Wave Payments application has been submitted and your account is active, any invoice payments you receive will begin processing. The deposit amount that you receive is the total paid minus the processing fees.

Learn how to set up Wave Payments to ensure that the invoice payments you receive are processed automatically.

Canadian businesses must have an active Wave Payments account before accepting invoice payments. If your business is in Canada you have to set up Wave Payments before accepting online payment.

Learn more about Wave Payments processing fees and timelines.