What to do if your customer drops a chargeback

If your customer tells you their chargeback was a mistake and they no longer want to continue with their claim, there are important steps for both you and your customer to take.

Your customer must call their credit card company to drop the dispute. They should ask their card issuer for a Letter of Affirmation to confirm the dispute has been dropped and provide you with a copy.

If a letter of affirmation is not available, provide a written letter signed by the cardholder stating the dispute has been dropped, and include their photo ID.

You must respond to your chargeback notification email from Wave with the Letter of Affirmation, or the signed written letter with the customer ID. This will be used in your document package that will be reviewed by our payment processor and your customer’s bank to verify the dispute can be closed and the funds returned.

The process can still take up to 90 days to resolve. To understand each stage of the chargeback process, read The chargeback process: What to expect.

If you have questions about a chargeback, open Mave, Wave’s automated chatbot, and type chargeback. Mave will help collect any relevant details and direct you to the appropriate support. Learn how to open Mave in Get support with Wave.