How to view pay stubs, tax forms, salary & vacation information

If your employer uses Wave Payroll, they have the ability to send you an invite to Wave, which allows you to view payroll-related data, including your salary, vacation policy, pay stubs, and tax forms.

Don’t have an invite yet? Reach out to your employer and ask them for one! Employers, you can invite your employees to Wave, as outlined in this article!

Once you’ve created a Wave account using your employer’s invite, you will have access to the Payroll tab in your Personal page.

The Personal profile is only available in the web browser version of Wave. To view your Personal profile, first log in to your Wave account at


If you have already created a business in Wave, you will have to switch to your Personal page to view your employee data. You can switch to your Personal page by clicking the business name in the top left corner Wave, then selecting Personal from the dropdown menu.

Once you’re on the Personal page, click Payroll from the left-hand menu. From here, you have three options:

Pay Stubs

This page contains an overview of all your pay stubs, including Payday, Net Income, Pay Period, and Method of Payment.

Select a pay stub to view it in detail. You can download your pay stubs on this page as well by clicking the Download PDF button near the top right of the screen.

Tax Forms

This page contains any year-end tax forms (in Canada, your T4 and in the United States, your W-2 Form) that have been generated by your employer. Clicking the ‘cloud icon’ under Actions allows you to download a PDF copy for your records.

Don’t see any Tax Forms? Your employer hasn’t generated them yet. Employers, you can generate tax forms by navigating to the Tax Forms page along the side navigation menu.

Salary & Vacation

This page displays your current salary, along with any history of changes, and the effective date. Only your employer can edit this information. Additionally, if applicable, you will find your employer’s vacation policy - the rate at which vacation is accrued or paid out and the effective date.

Congrats, you now know your Wave profile like the back of your hand!