Direct deposit errors and statuses

The Wave Payroll direct deposit page can give you insight into the status of each payroll, down to the employee level. 

You can monitor the status of every payroll as it processes. If there’s an error with the payroll run, or with the deposit for a specific employee, you’ll see an error message with recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

You can see the status of every direct deposit, including ones that are scheduled for future dates, under Payroll > Direct Deposit. As the direct deposit is processed, the status will change from Scheduled, to Processing, to Complete. If there are any errors, or if the payroll is cancelled or on hold for some reason, that status will also appear. 

If you see that your payroll is on hold and you do not know why, check the email associated with your Wave account to see if you have been contacted about the payroll on hold status.

Click the date to see the details of a specific payroll run.

On this screen, you’ll see the deposit status for each employee. If there’s an error that needs your attention, you’ll see it highlighted here.

For example, if your business bank account has insufficient funds, an employee’s bank account was entered incorrectly, or that account has been closed, you’ll need to update that information before re-submitting the transaction. 

If you do not see a reason listed for the error, please use the Support ticket link from the specific transaction to submit a ticket to our Customer Experience Team to investigate and resolve the issue. Submitting a ticket directly from the transaction will automatically include the transaction number for our team to locate and assist.

If there’s an issue with an employee’s direct deposit (for example, if their banking information is incorrect in the system), you will be prompted to resubmit the payroll once you’ve resolved the issue. You can do this at the individual transaction level instead of re-running the entire payroll.

Update your employer payroll funding account by using the lefthand menu and going to:

  1. Settings
  2. Funding Account

Update your employee's bank account by going to using the Payroll menu and following these steps:

  1. Under Payroll, go to Employees
  2. Choose the name of the employee - this will depend on who's banking details you are needing to udpate
  3. Bank details

Alternatively, you can have your employee update their own bank account from their personal Wave account. Your employee will find the Direct Deposit option under Settings

Direct deposit errors include:

Insufficient funds

There wasn’t enough money in your account to process payroll. Make sure there’s enough money in your account for this payroll run, and resubmit the payroll.

Account frozen/Account closed

Your account has been frozen by your bank, or the account has been closed. Check with your bank to ensure your account is active, and make sure the banking information you entered is correct before re-submitting the payroll.

No account/Unable to locate account

We don’t have the correct banking information for either your account, or an employee’s account. This often means there are typos in the information you submitted. Check that your banking details are correct, or verify that the employee’s information is correct on the employee details page, and resubmit the payroll. 


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