Forum rules and regulations

Wavers are the heart of our Community. In order to ensure the success and safety of our Community, we operate with a set code of conduct. When you become a member, you are making a commitment to adhere to these guidelines. Please note that our Community also falls under Wave's Terms of Use. Any questions can be directly messaged to a Community administrator. 

All members should feel safe in our Community regardless of: gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, first language, ability, race, ethnicity, national origin, or any other dimension of diversity. Any action or post that threatens the safety of another member will be removed without notice. 

Posting Guidelines:

Appropriate posts in the Community forum are anything that touch on the professional or financial lives of entrepreneurs -- Wavers. This includes questions about how to use Wave's products and services, questions about accounting topics, questions about small business, and many other things. 

We don’t condone the advertising of other accounting softwares or the promotion of users leaving Wave for other systems. These posts can be edited or deleted based on the administrator's discretion.

If your question is regarding troubleshooting a problem in Wave, we recommend searching using the box at the top of the page first. If you cannot find another discussion addressing your question, please create a single new discussion. 

Many issues that sound the same may not be related. Take a moment to look for an admin post in a discussion for clarification, and create a new discussion if you aren't sure. 


Spam may be removed with or without notice. Posts that contain links determined to be spam may also be removed or edited to remove the problem links.

Spam is typically defined as unwanted or unauthorized advertisements, malicious links, abuse, or obvious trolling behavior. Post removal is at the discretion of moderators and administrators.

Wavers and Wave Pros may create discussions searching for or offering accounting and bookkeeping services, respectively. Please do not create multiples of the same discussion, and ask an admin if you're concerned about visibility. 

Sensitive and Copyrighted Materials

For support requests, it is often appropriate to attach a screenshot. It is the poster's responsibility to obfuscate personal or identifying details in screenshots. Unrelated or inappropriate screenshots may be removed. Copyrighted material should be linked via its source rather than posted unless the poster is the copyright holder or has permission from the copyright holder.

Personal or sensitive information may be removed without notice by a moderator or administrator in order to protect the poster and the Community as a whole.


Apart from private categories and groups, Wave's Community is a public space. This means that what information you share is at your discretion.