[Limited Release] Referrals with Wave Payroll

If you’ve noticed a new icon at the top of your payroll dashboard, this means that you can now spread the word about Wave Payroll and get rewarded when you invite new business owners to join the Wave community.

We’ve heard from many of our customers that you want an easy way to share how helpful Wave has been in your business’s journey, and we wanted to find a way to make that easy and rewarding.

The more you share your link, the more rewards you’ll be able to get. If there’s anything missing or if you have more questions, please reach out to our support team for more information.


How does the program work?

You’ll be given a unique sharing link that you can access from your payroll dashboard. Invite your network by sharing your link. We’ve set up some social sharing methods that you can use, or you can choose to use your link directly.

Your referral must sign up for Wave Payroll using your link in order for both of you to get the reward. You’ll be able to track the status of your referrals in real time on the Referral page under the Payroll tab.

What criteria do referrals have to meet?

Only new Wave customers referred with your unique link will be eligible for rewards. This means that your referral must not be a registered Wave customer prior to your invite.

Who should I refer?

Wave Payroll is built for small business owners like yourself who need to pay employees and contractors. Think about those in your network who work with a small team. Maybe they recently opened up a shop with employees, started a business that works closely with groups of contractors, or are paying themselves as an S-corp.

Whether you’re sharing with a friend or in a social group, sharing your link with those who really need it will make the most impact.

What are the reward options?

We’re giving away a $100 Amazon gift card to both you and your referral. We’re just getting started, so keep coming back as more reward options become available.

When will I receive my reward?

You and your referral will both qualify for your rewards when your referral has completed their first monthly billing cycle with Wave Payroll. This means that your referral must activate their account and complete a full billing cycle with Wave Payroll.

Rewards will be fulfilled to active accounts within 30 days of qualifying at first full billing cycle.

You can track the progress of your referral within your payroll account, and you’ll receive an email notification when your referral is complete.

Is there a limit to how many rewards I can redeem?

You can earn up to 10 rewards for referring new Wave Payroll customers.

If my referral starts using Wave Payroll, will they be able to make referrals too?

Referrals are currently only available to a limited group of Wave Payroll customers. We’ll be expanding this program to more people in the Wave community in the coming months, so keep an eye out for your notification.

I made a referral but I don’t see it in my account. What do I do?

Make sure your referrals are signing up with your unique link so you get the credit you deserve for your referral. If you feel that something has not been attributed properly to you, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Anything else I should know?

We’re excited to help you share your enthusiasm for Wave Payroll and reward you for your efforts. Our team will be reviewing to ensure the program is working for you and for Wave as intended. Referrals and reward fulfillment are moderated at Wave’s sole discretion, and may be removed in cases of fraud or abuse, and are subject to cancellation or change.

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