Workers’ compensation insurance through Next Insurance

Wave partners with Next Insurance to connect you to workers’ compensation insurance for your business.

Workers’ comp insurance protects your employees if they get injured on the job while protecting your business from being sued by employees. If you have any questions while setting up your policy, reach out to Next Insurance directly.

Workers’ compensation is not supported if your employees work in North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, or Wyoming. Learn more.

How do I sign up?

Wave offers a portal to Next Insurance from your payroll dashboard. Go to Payroll > Run Payroll in the left navigation menu, and click Get Insured on the Workers’ compensation tile. You’ll be taken to the Next Insurance site, where you can create a profile.

Once you create a profile, a Next Insurance representative will contact you to verify your information and finalize your account setup.

Next Insurance will let Wave know that your account is active, and that activation will be reflected on your Payroll dashboard.

What information does Wave share with Next Insurance?

Wave shares your name and business name, the check date for each payroll covered by workers’ comp, and the start and end dates of each covered period. Wave also shares the gross pay per employee, any overtime pay, and employee names and numbers.

What if I cancel a payroll run or make changes?

If you make a change to a payroll run, Wave will update the information for that payroll the next time we send information to Next Insurance. If the changes include adding or removing employees, your premium amount for this period may change.

Who do I contact if my business information changes?

If your business name, address, or any employee names change, make sure you make updates both with Wave and with Next to reflect these changes.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my workers’ comp insurance plan?

Contact Next Insurance directly with any questions about your plan.