How to track your remittances

This article applies to Wave Payroll in Canada.

Track the payroll deductions and remittances you’ve paid and owe to the CRA. The Taxes section of your Wave Payroll Account allows you to check what payroll remittances are accumulating, coming due and review which amounts have been paid.

Viewing Payroll Remittances in Wave

  1. Click Payroll
  2. Click Taxes

To view accumulating payroll remittances that are not yet due, click Accumulating Taxes. Likewise, to view payroll remittances that are due, click Due Taxes. To view payroll remittances that you have paid, click Taxes Marked as Paid.

In any of these view, to the right of the remittance amount shown, click the arrow to show a breakdown of the payroll deductions and the pay periods contributing.

If you currently handle your own payroll remittances, you can mark them as Paid when you make a payment to the CRA. You can do this by clicking Payroll and then Taxes in Wave:

If Wave is currently handling your payroll remittances, those that have been sent to the CRA will be marked as Paid. When you click Taxes in Wave, click Taxes Marked as Paid to see which payroll remittances have been taken care of. 

How do you calculate this?

Based on the information you enter in your Tax Profile for "Payment Frequency for CRA - Payroll Remittance", Wave will display the amounts owing per remitting period and the corresponding due date (when due). 

When Wave sends your remittances to the CRA, the remittance will then move into the Paid section.