Supported account types for automatic transaction imports

Automatic bank transaction imports are part of Wave’s Pro Plan. Learn more about Wave’s plans or how to subscribe.


Wave works with Plaid to support connections with more than 15,000 banks and financial institutions in the US and Canada.

Your bank or financial account must be of a supported account type listed below to connect to Wave and be eligible for automatic transaction import.

Deposit accounts

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Prepaid
  • Money Market


  • Credit cards

What if my bank still won't connect?

If your account is one of these supported types, but you’re having trouble connecting, Plaid may not connect to that specific bank or financial institution, or the connection may be experiencing issues. Learn more in Why is my bank unable to import transactions?

To learn more about how bank connections work, see Understanding bank connections.