How to add money to your Wave Visa Business Debit Card

It’s easy to add funds to your Wave Money account. Connect to Payments by Wave to take advantage of free Instant Payouts, or add money from a different bank account or payments processor.

Instant Payouts

With Instant Payouts, you can get access to your funds as soon as your customers pay you, even on evenings, weekends, and holidays. When you make Wave Money your default payout account for Wave Payments, we’ll waive the 1% instant payout fee on all Instant Payouts you accept. 

When you have an Instant Payout available, we’ll send you an email. You can accept the payout from your main Wave account under Sales > Payouts, or in the Wave Invoice mobile app.

What about the bookkeeping?

The bookkeeping for these transactions is taken care of automatically! You’ll see three transactions:

  1. As soon as payment is recorded, you’ll see an invoice payment transaction in your Payments by Wave account.
  2. When you accept an instant payout for that payment, the deposit transaction will be automatically imported.
  3. Once the Wave Money transaction from step 2 is pulled in, Wave will automatically create a transfer between your Payments by Wave account and your Wave Money account. That transaction represents the movement of funds from the Payments by Wave holding account to your Wave Money account.

Transfer money from another bank account

Want to transfer funds from another bank account you own to your Wave Money account?

Click Add Money on the dashboard of your Wave Money app, then select Transfer from Bank Account to find your account and routing numbers. From there, sign in to the bank account you want to send money from and follow their process for initiating an ACH transfer. Your bank’s standard fees, if any, will apply to transactions initiated from that account.

Send the ACH transfer to your Wave Money account using the account and routing numbers displayed in your app.

Connect a payments processor

Want to add a payments processor like Paypal, Stripe or Shopify to your Wave Money account? Any funds processed through your payments processor will be automatically imported to your Wave Money account.

Click Add Money on the dashboard of your Wave Money app, then select Transfer from Bank Account to get your account and routing numbers.

Sign in to your payment processor’s website and navigate to payout settings (the name may be different depending on the processor). Follow their steps to add or modify your bank account. Enter your Wave Money account and routing numbers where requested.

Wave Money is currently in limited release but you can learn about all the features, find out if your business is eligible and sign up to the Wave Money waitlist here!

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