Your Wave Accounting Upgrade: Using the Read-Only View of the Old Version

We’ve built the ability to access a read only view of the old version of Wave Accounting reports and transactions to help you better understand the differences in your data between the new version and old version of Wave Accounting.

What is the read-only view?

This view is a snapshot of the state of your account at the time of your account update. This view lets you look at your data presented in the old version of Wave Accounting so that you can compare it to the new version of Wave Accounting.

If you were migrated prior to October 28th 2019 and created or made any changes to invoices or bills between your migration date and October 28th, these changes will be reflected in your reports. Skip to the final section of this article for the details.

What can I use this read-only view for?

  • Validate transactions between the new and old versions of Wave Accounting.
    The new look of the update didn’t change anything about your information, but it did change some of the display language and the layout. You can switch between the two views if you’re unsure about what something looked like in the old version.
  • Validate consistency of year-over-year reporting.
    The new version of Wave Accounting is more restrictive on what it considers to be a valid transaction. In order to ensure that your reports remain the same between the two versions, we created adjustment entries when we updated your account. The read-only view allows you to run reports in the old version of Wave Accounting so that you can compare to the data we brought over in the update, and confirm that the adjustment entries ensure the consistency of your year-over-year reporting.
  • Identify synchronization issues that lead to adjustment entries.
    On rare occasions, a transaction in the old version of Wave Accounting exists that is not reflected in reports, or a transaction existed in reports but no longer existed in the transactions list. These read-only views make it easier for you to find these discrepancies and understand the adjustment entries that Wave made.
  • Review the foreign exchange rates entered for foreign currency point of sale transactions.
    The old version of Wave had a convenience feature that allowed users to enter any currency in any account. This was always applied to the account at the account currency value, calculated based on an entered exchange rate. If you’d like to keep the original point of sale currency and rate for your records, you can review or print these transactions from the read-only view, and keep them for your records, or add them to the notes section of your transactions in the updated version of Wave Accounting.

How do I access these read-only pages?

There is a See old version link on both the transactions page, and the reports list view in your account.

How long will the read-only view be available?

The read-only view of the old version of Wave Accounting will be available through to August 31, 2020, due to the circumstances around Covid-19 and the extension of the tax-filing deadline.

How do I get back to my account?

There is a notification on top of all read-only pages allowing you to return to the new version of Wave Accounting.

Why am I seeing transactions I created or modified after my account was updated?

Wave is built on multiple applications that work together to present a seamless, customer-facing experience. Behind the scenes, these building-block applications handle and store your data to provide the service you simply know as Wave each time you log in.

Some customers reached out to us after their Wave Accounting update to ask if there was a way that they could see their data in the old version of Wave to better understand the update, and multiple engineering teams worked together to bring this read-only functionality to life.

However, the system wasn't initially built to support the ability to display a read-only view of the old version, so the views are not an exact snapshot of the data at the date that your account was updated in cases where you have added or modified bills and invoices.

The work to make read-only views of the old version of Wave Accounting available was completed on October 28th, 2019. If your account was updated prior to this date and you created or made changes to bills, invoices, these transactions are reflected in these read-only reports.

Any changes made after work was completed on October 28th, 2019 are not reflected in these read-only reports.

Are there any other limitations of this read only mode?

Due to the way the old system was built, we cannot make a read only version of the foreign exchange report available.

If you have unpaid foreign currency invoices or bills the unrealized gain and loss numbers on reports will continue to be calculated based on the date you choose to run the report.

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