[Limited Release] Scheduled Instant Payouts

Please note that you’ll only have access to this feature if you’re already eligible for Instant Payouts. This guide to Instant Payouts addresses how we determine eligibility, as well as other frequently asked questions.

What’s better than getting paid? Getting paid instantly, at the same time everyday, including weekends and holidays.

How do scheduled Instant Payouts work?

Scheduled Instant Payouts allow you to automate the Instant Payout process so that when you get paid, you no longer have to manually accept the Instant Payout. If you’ve received payments from your customers that contribute to your available Instant Payout balance, we’ll send your money to you automatically at your pre-set scheduled hour. You can even set a limit to the maximum amount that you want paid out on a daily basis. With an automated flow, we save you time and get you paid faster!

How do I set it up?

In your Wave account, navigate to Banking > Payouts where you can add a schedule under your available instant payouts balance. 


Is there an additional cost for scheduled Instant Payouts?

No, the cost is the same as manually accepting an Instant Payout (1%).

What if I want to manually accept an Instant Payout before my scheduled Instant Payout time?

Scheduling your Instant Payouts doesn’t take away from your ability to manually accept them. If you have an available balance and need the funds right away but you haven’t reached the scheduled time yet, you can still manually accept the Instant Payout to receive your money.

I no longer want scheduled Instant Payouts. How do I turn them off?

To turn off scheduled Instant Payouts, navigate to Settings > Banking > Payouts > Set schedule > Stop scheduled payouts.

What happens if my scheduled Instant Payout fails?

If we’re unable to automatically process your Instant Payout, we’ll send you an email letting you know so that you can retry it.

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