Invite your new employees to create a personal Wave account, where they can add their own personal information during employee onboarding!

To get started with adding a new employee in Wave, go to the Payroll menu on the left-hand side:

  1. Click Employees
  2. Click Add an Employee
  3. Enter your employee's Name, Home Address, and Email Address
  4. Note:To invite your employee to complete their onboarding, mark the box “Invite employee to onboard and enter their information”
  5. Add your employee’s Work Information
  6. Note: If you will pay employees by direct deposit, be sure to mark “Yes”. Your employee will be asked to enter their bank details only if this selection is made.
  7. Click Save

After you click Save, your employee will receive an email invitation to the address you entered for them in Wave. Your employee just needs to open the email, click the link and they will be able to complete onboarding, in their new, personal Wave account.

You’re done! Now that your employee has a Wave account linked to your business, they will be able to update their Personal Information and Bank Details at any time, as well as review their Pay Stubs, Salary Information and Tax Forms

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