Guide to Wave Invoicing (iOS/Android)

Wave Invoicing mobile app gives you an easy way to track, edit, send, and pay invoices on the go. Anything you do in the app will also be reflected in your Wave account, and vice versa.

Please note that if you don't already have a Wave account, you will need to create one before signing in on the mobile app. You can sign up here.

You can create and send invoices from your desktop, but one of the most convenient ways to bill customers on the go is using our Wave Invoicing mobile app for iOS and Android. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Open the Play Store or the App Store and download your app.
  2. Tap Get Started to begin.
  3. If you already have a Wave account, sign in. If you normally sign in with Google, you can do that too.
  4. Once you've signed in, you'll be brought to the main page of the app, where you are presented with the Wave Invoicing hub. From here, you can create, edit, send, delete, and mark invoices as paid. You also have the ability to create and/or edit products and customer profiles, charge a credit card, or customize your invoices to suit your business needs.

Wave Invoicing includes all the invoice functionality from your desktop Wave account.

  • Invoices: A list of your invoices, including their current statuses. On this page you’ll be able to create, edit, delete, and send invoices, as well as mark them as paid or charge a credit card.
  • Customers: A list of your current customer profiles in Wave. You can add, edit, and remove customer details here.
  • Items: A list of your current products/services in Wave. You can add, edit, and remove item details here. Note that you can also edit these details on invoices themselves.
  • More: Access your Invoice Customization, default settings, and Payment settings from this section. If you have a number of business profiles under your Wave account, you can switch between them here.

Pro-tip: Wave Invoicing mobile app lets you share invoices with your customers through a variety of apps on your phone, including your prefered SMS messaging and mail apps.