Find an ATM for no-fee withdrawals from Wave Money

Wave Money is in limited release. It is currently available to invited single-owner businesses in the United States.

Find a no-fee ATM near you

  1. Log in to the Wave mobile app, then select Banking on the bottom menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Bank section, then tap Find an ATM.
  3. From the map of surcharge-free ATMs near you, tap on an option, or select List view at the top right to view an ATM’s address and distance from your current location.

To view the available ATMs based on your current location, you need to enable location access for the Wave Mobile app.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be charged a fee to withdraw from an ATM?

The Wave Money Visa® Business Debit Card connects with a network of thousands of ATMs across the country to offer surcharge-free cash withdrawals. There is no fee for cash withdrawals from ATMs within the network.

If you use an out-of-network ATM for any transaction, including checking your account balance, that ATM provider may charge you a fee. This ATM fee is determined by the individual third-party ATM operator and will be charged to your Wave Money account.

Which option do I select at the ATM?

When withdrawing funds from an ATM, select Checking Account or Business Checking Account to make a withdrawal.

Why did my ATM withdrawal fail?

You may have exceeded your ATM withdrawal limit. You can check the account limits for ATM withdrawals in-app. To find your account limits, tap Banking on the bottom menu of the Wave mobile app, then scroll down and tap Account limits under the Bank section.