How does Wave Money sync with my accounting?

Congratulations on finding the Wave Money Help Center article! Wave Money is a brand new product from Wave which is currently in a limited beta release. We are looking to roll this out to more users in the near future! If you are looking for other Help Center articles, click this link here.

When a transaction is made in your Wave Money Account or using your Wave Visa Business Debit Card, this will sync directly in to your Wave Accounting Transactions and auto-categorize, taking the stress out of your day-to-day accounting.

Each transaction you make in your Wave Money account will appear in your Wave Money app shortly after processing the transaction. You can then select this Transaction to get key information about this transaction including the transaction date, settled date and payment method. 

A transaction usually takes around 24 hours to settle in your account. As soon as this transaction is settled, we will push this transaction to your Transactions page in your desktop Wave account. This can be found under Accounting and then Transactions. Wave will implement are new auto-categorization feature to categorize this appropriately.


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