How to make Wave Money my default payout account

Setting Wave Money as your default payout account allows you to receive Instant Payouts with the payout fee waived (if applicable), receive all your payouts to Wave Money and it keeps all your payouts and business expenses in one place!

Wave Money is currently in limited release and available by invitation only. If you haven’t received an invitation, learn more about Wave Money here.


When you initially log in to your Wave Money account after onboarding, you will see the option to set Wave Money as your default payout account by selecting the Get your money instantly option on the dashboard.

You will then be greeted by the below screen. Select make this my payout account to set Wave Money as your default payout account for both Payouts and Instant Payouts.

If you weren't previously setup for Wave Payments, you will also need to complete that process to receive funds through Wave Invoicing. Instructions can be found here.

The app will then work behind the scenes automatically to set Wave Money as your default payout account.

Congratulations! Your Wave Money account is now your default Payout account. All payouts (including Instant Payouts) will now be sent to your Payout Account.

You can also set your Wave Money Account as your default Payout account in your desktop login by navigating to Settings followed by Payouts.