Why your Wave Visa Business Debit Card number may look different in your Payout Settings - Physical vs Virtual Card Numbers

Under your Payout Settings, you may notice that the card numbers displayed may be different to the numbers which appear on the card that arrived in the post. Don't worry! There is a very good reason for this.

Wave Money is currently in limited release and available by invitation only. If you haven’t received an invitation, learn more about Wave Money here.


What is my Physical Card Number?

You should receive your Wave Visa Business Debit Card in the post after completing the Wave Money setup process. When the card arrives, you will have a traditional 16 digit card number on the back of this card. This number can be used for those essential online purchases! 

Why does this differ to the number in my Payout Settings in Wave?

When you complete your initial Wave Money setup, you will be given the option to add Wave Money as your default payout account.

When you complete this action, Wave adds Wave Money as your default payout account, which includes the Instant Payout fee waived for Instant Payouts (if applicable)! During this process, we add your Wave Visa Business Debit Card Virtual number to process Instant Payouts.

What is a Virtual Card Number?

The Virtual Card Number for your Wave Visa Business Debit Card links to the same card and Wave Money account. The benefits of using this means that even when your card is frozen, you can still push Instant Payouts to the card!

We are working on implementing some in-app messaging to advise whether we're using your Physical or Virtual card number to allow you to push Instant Payouts to your Wave Money account.