The Wave Email Money Transfer allows you to easily and securely send funds from your Wave Money to a recipient using email. All you need is your Wave Money App and the recipients email address!

Wave Money is currently in limited release and available by invitation only. If you haven’t received an invitation, learn more about Wave Money here.

From the App

1. In your Wave Money app, navigate to the Dashboard and select the Send Money option.

2. Enter the amount to send and Select a previous recipient or Add a new one.

3. Enter the details for the Recipient.

Name- Full Name or Business Name.

Email Address- This will be used to send the email with deposit instructions.

Optional Message- Message to be included in the email.

Security Question- Question your recipient will need to answer.

Security Answer- Answer to the question.

4. This screen allows you to double and triple check the details entered previously! Confirm the details are correct and then use the Send Now option to complete!

5. This screen confirms the email has been sent.

Recipient's Side

1. Once you have send the email, the recipient should receive and email which looks like this!

2. Selecting the Deposit Now option in the email will redirect them to a secure portal where they can begin the acceptance of the funds. On this screen, select Continue.

3. The recipient will need to correctly answer the security question, provided when you send the initial transfer. The recipient will have 3 attempts to answer this correctly. If incorrectly answered 3 times, the transfer is cancelled.

4. After successfully answering the security question, the business owner will then be asked which financial institution they would like to use to deposit the funds. The can either select from our most popular financial institutions or search for their's using the search bar.

5. Selecting their financial institution opens up a secure login portal to their online banking. After successfully logging in, they can then choose which account they would like to deposit the funds in to.

6. The recipient is then greeted with a confirmation screen which confirms the account the funds will be deposited to, the 3-4 business day timeline for the deposit, and the optional message you entered when sending the email. They also have the option to save their bank account for even faster email transfers in the future! Selecting accept transfer then begins the transfer timeline!