How to use the beta Transactions page

Wave is currently working on a fresh new rewrite of our Transactions page, and we're very excited to be able to offer a beta version of the page which you can access & provide feedback on! This article explains how to use it, switch back & forth between old and new, and where to provide your feedback on the changes.

Please note: this beta Transactions page is a work in progress, so some functionalities will need to be completed in the regular Transactions page. Details can be found below.

How it looks: an overview 

In the beta Transactions page, many of the existing features are still accessible and are outlined below.

  1. Account drop down menu, where you can select which account to view & see its balance
  2. Add Income, Expense, and More buttons
  3. Select All check box
  4. Actions you can take on selected transactions, including Delete, Edit, Merge, and Review
  5. Filter, Sort, and Search options
  6. Your transaction list

Inline Editing

A new element of the beta workflow is inline editing. Instead of clicking on a transaction and a modal opening to the right of the screen, you can click on the Description, Account, Category, or Amount directly to edit it right there in the transaction row.

If you need to look at the transaction details, or add notes, you can do so by clicking the inline Transaction Details marker which appears when you hover over the transaction.

Once you've clicked there, you'll be able to see all the same details, plus the ability to take actions like Split the transaction, or make notes on it.


If you want to filter your transactions so you only see some, not all, of them - click the Filter button. You'll see that instead of a row of filters above your transactions, a filtering modal will pop up. In this modal, you can filter by Category, Status, Type, Date range, and Last Modified date. 

Click Apply to see your results. You'll also be able to see which filters are currently applied so that you can remember the action you just took in the filtering modal! Below, there is one filter on, and it is by the transaction type, Deposit.

Why do I see buttons like 'Add Vendor' but I can't actually add a vendor?

In this beta launch, there are some functionalities which aren't completely built yet, but we do have the design for those functions complete. So, the buttons are there as they will be once they function - but they can't be used until further work is done on the back end. 

As you can see above, the beta page will let you know if you're on a feature that isn't built yet with a small info-bubble.

Some of the pre-existing functions in our regular Transactions page which currently do not exist in this beta launch include:

  • adding sales tax to transactions
  • adding vendors to transactions
  • bulk actions
  • merging
  • some new features which you can learn about in this Community post.

If you need to complete any of the above actions listed, please toggle back to the regular transactions page to do so.

How to toggle between beta and regular

  • Head to Accounting > Transactions
  • Click the Try the beta version blue hyperlinked text

If you don't see the 'Try the beta version' text, this means that beta is not yet available in your account - but we are working on launching this more widely.

To toggle back into the regular Transactions page, click the Switch to the old version blue hyperlinked text.

Head to this post in our Community to provide your feedback about the beta release. We'd love to hear about your experience!

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