How to use the new and improved Transactions page

Wave has changed the Transactions page for the better. Based on your feedback, we’ve updated the design, and added feature improvements to make managing your bookkeeping faster and easier. This article will introduce you to the new features, as well as what’s changed, and how to navigate the new experience.

How it looks: an overview

What's new

Other updates

How it looks: an overview 

As you can see, the new Transactions page resembles the original, but with some slight modifications and improvements to the interface.

  1. Account drop down menu, where you can select which account to view & see its balance
  2. Add Income, Expense, and More buttons
  3. Select All check box
  4. Actions you can take on selected transactions, including Delete, Edit, Merge, and Review
  5. Filter, Sort, and Search options
  6. Transaction details (click the dropdown arrow to open, and the upward arrow to close)
  7. Mark as reviewed

What's new

Inline Editing

A new element of the improved page is inline editing. Instead of clicking on a transaction and a modal opening to the right of the screen, you can click on the Description, Account, Category, or Amount directly to edit it right there in the transaction row. 

Pro tip: hit the "tab" key to swiftly move across the editable fields.

If you need to look at the transaction details, or add notes, you can do so by clicking the inline dropdown arrow to the right of the row.

Once you've clicked there, you'll be able to see all the same details, plus the ability to take actions like Split the transaction, or make notes on it.

Responsive across devices

With new responsive designs, we are excited to give you more control of your bookkeeping with whichever device you choose. You can now seamlessly manage your books from the Transactions page on a tablet or mobile device in addition to the standard desktop experience.

Other updates

Apart from the new features listed above, here are the other areas of the page that have been updated, along with some info on how to navigate the new experience.

  • Transaction details & notes: as noted above in the section on inline editing, the transaction details are now accessed by clicking the dropdown arrow to the right of the transaction row. Within the transaction details, you’ll now find a dedicated tab for you to write notes for the transaction.
  • Split categorization: split categorization has an updated look, but just like before, you can access the feature by opening up the transaction details, and selecting Split transaction. Learn more about splitting transactions here.
  • Marking as reviewed: the ability to mark transactions as reviewed has a slick new look that makes it easier than ever to identify which transactions you’ve taken care of, and which are still to be reviewed. You can learn more about reviewing transactions and the purpose of this feature here. As noted below as well, to bulk mark as reviewed, you can now click the dedicated checkmark button at the top of the page beside the edit, delete, and merge icons.
  • Filters: just like with the original experience, you can select the filter button at the top of the page to filter to specific transactions. This will open a modal showing you the available filters that you can apply. You can find out more details about filtering at here.
  • Bulk actions: the bulk actions functionality remains mostly the same on the new page. One thing you’ll notice is that there is now a dedicated checkmark icon at the top of the page to perform the bulk mark as reviewed option. Check out this article to learn more about bulk actions.
  • Journal transactions: the ability to create journal transactions can still be accessed by selecting the More button in the top right corner of the page, but also has an improved and updated look. Whereas in the past, you’d select to individually add debit or credit lines, you can now simply select to add a new line, and enter the amount in the debit or credit column. Learn more about journal transactions here.

If you're looking for more help with the Transactions page, click the ? icon in the bottom right corner of any page in Wave. Additionally, please feel free to head to this post in our Community to share your feedback about the new page.

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