Getting Started with Wave Money

Are you interested in getting onboard to the product changing the whole banking industry? Check out our set up guide below to get started!

You can download the Wave Money app from the Apple App Store by selecting the link below.

Or the Google Play Store by using this link below.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can open the app from your device and select Get Started to begin.

Wave Money is currently in Limited Release and requires an invite to get started.

Select Yes I was invited, which will now open the Wave Login Screen, where you can use your usual Wave Credentials, for the business which was invited to Wave Money.

On the Login Screen, enter your Wave credentials and select sign in.

You may now enable your phone's biometrics for your Wave Money app. You can enable Face ID on this screen.

You may also enable Touch ID on this screen!

We then just need some business information. You will see a screen which asks you to confirm if your business has a single owner or if there are multiple owners. You can select Yes, I'm the only owner on this screen if the following statement is true for your business: "I am the only person who legally owns and controls 25% or more of the business."

Wave Money is not currently available to multi-owner businesses. You can sign up to be notified when Wave Money is available for you by clicking Email me when Wave Money is available.

If you have multiple Wave businesses, you may be asked which business you'd like to sign up with.

You are now ready to complete just a few details to get your Wave Money account. Get ready with your Government issued photo ID and Business Registration documents (if you’re not a Sole Proprietor)! Select Let’s go to continue.

The first step is to Personalize your new Wave Visa Business Debit card. Here you can enter your business name and then select Preview to see how your card will look when it arrives!.

Once you’re happy with the Preview of your card, select confirm card name. Select Edit if you want to make any changes before confirming.

You will then be asked to confirm your business type. You can select your Business Type, using the dropdown. You know your business best, you will be able to see a description of each business type after selecting each option on the dropdown. Once you are happy with your selection, select Continue.

We will then require a tiny bit of paperwork to verify your business registration depending on your business type. Business paperwork can be attached in a variety of different formats. You can upload up to 5 documents at a maximum size of 25mb each by selecting Attach your document(s). Select Continue once you have uploaded all documents.

You will then be asked to enter your Business Details. Complete all the mandatory fields here and then select Continue.

We then require a valid form of personal identification to be uploaded. You can select multiple forms of Photo ID which can be uploaded. Select Continue.

Now your form of ID has been selected, this can be uploaded using your phone camera. You will need to enable Wave Money access to your phone’s camera before this step can be completed. The front of your ID can now be uploaded.

Once the front of the ID has been captured, you will be asked to confirm this. Make sure that the ID is fully visible, glare-free and the image is not blurry. Select Continue with this photo to move to the back of the ID upload, or select Re-take photo to replace the image.

Now turn the ID over and align the back of the ID with the 4 corners shown on screen. Once the back of the ID is uploaded, you will be greeted with the successful screen!

You will now be asked to enter your Personal Information. The address entered here will be used as your shipping address for your new Wave Visa Business Debit Card! The cell number will need to be verified in the next step.

Using the phone number entered at the Personal Details stage, we will send you a SMS message. Enter the code you receive in the SMS to complete this step.

We will then need to verify your email. You will be sent an email with a verification link which will need to be selected before continuing.

Please then read our Terms and Conditions displayed and agree to these before continuing. Select Submit after confirming this.

Wave Money will now begin to process the information entered. Once this has finished, you will see our Thanks for signing up message. We will begin work processing your application, this should take 2 business days. Look out for an email once everything is ready!

2.We’ll then begin personalizing your Wave Visa Business Debit Card, ready to be shipped!

3.24 hours later you should see a notification advising you that your card has been shipped. Your card should arrive within 5 business days but please do allow for up to 2 weeks.

4.As soon as you have your card in your hand, select the Ready to Activate option to activate your card!

1.To activate your card, call 1-888-742-5049 and select Option 1. Follow the instructions over the phone to activate your card. Once activated, select the Card activated option. As soon as the card is activated, you will see confirmation on this.

Congratulations! You are now ready to begin using your Wave Money app and all the features that come with it! 

Now the app is fully functional and ready to be used. You can add your Wave Money account as your default Wave Payout Account and Instant Payout account!