Get started with Wave Money

The new Wave mobile app combines the features of Wave Invoicing and Wave Money in one place to make it even easier for you to effortlessly manage your finances. Learn how to install the beta Wave mobile app

This article shows you how to use the Wave mobile app. For help with the original Wave Money app, tap the help icon at the top right after logging in to your app.


Documents you need

Sign up for Wave Money

Documents you need

If your business is a sole proprietorship, you only need a government-issued photo ID to sign up for Wave Money.

If you have a registered business, you need the following documents during the sign up:

  1. A document to confirm your legal business name.

      • LLCs need to provide their Articles of Organization
      • Corporations need to provide their Articles of Incorporation
      • Nonprofits need to provide their Organizational Charter/Constitution or Certificate of Formation
  2. Proof of your EIN
      • Your EIN letter from the Department of Treasury OR
      • Your most recent tax return
  3. Government-issued photo ID.

If your business address does not match the documents provided to confirm your legal business name, or does not match the address registered on your state's website, additional documentation is required to verify the current business address. Provide one of the following documents for verification, which must show your business name and address:

    • The most recent bank statement for your business
    • A telephone or utility bill dated to the last 90 days
    • Any other bill your business has received in the last 90 days

If your business status is not captured on your state’s website, a Certificate of Good Standing may be requested while your documents are being reviewed. This may not be required in all cases. If you do not have one, you can contact your state to purchase it (fees will vary from state to state).

Sign up for Wave Money

When you have your documents ready, follow these steps to sign up.

Download the Wave Mobile app to get started.

  1. Log in to the Wave mobile app, then select Banking on the bottom menu.
  2. Tap Get started.
  3. If you have multiple Wave businesses, select which business you'd like to sign up with. Wave Money is in limited release and can only be set up for one business at this time.
  4. You cannot change the business your Wave Money account is set up for after you sign up. Make sure you selected the right business, then check the box and select Confirm.
  5. Select Yes, I'm the only owner to confirm your business has a single owner.

    Wave Money is not currently available to multi-owner businesses. You can sign up to be notified when Wave Money is available for you by tapping No, there are multiple owners, then Email me!

  6. Get ready with your government-issued photo ID and business registration documents (if you’re not a Sole Proprietor), and select Let’s go to continue.
  7. Personalize your new Wave Money Visa® Business Debit Card by entering your business name, then select Preview to see how your card will look when it arrives.
  8. Select Edit if you want to make any changes. Otherwise, click Confirm name on card.
  9. Select your business type, then select Continue.
  10. Upload your business registration documents depending on your business type. This can be attached in a variety of different formats. You can upload up to 5 documents at a maximum size of 25MB each by selecting Attach your document. Select Continue once you have uploaded all documents.
  11. Enter your business details, then select Continue.
  12. Upload a valid form of personal identification by selecting the type of photo ID you want to upload and the issuing country, then tap Continue.

    You will need to allow Wave Money to access your phone’s camera before you can upload your ID.

  13. Using your phone’s camera, align the front of the ID with the four corners shown on the screen, and take a clear image of the front of your photo ID.

    If the app is having trouble capturing your ID, try again, making sure the image is fully visible, glare-free and not blurry.

  14. Select Re-take photo to replace the image or tap Continue with this photo.
  15. Now turn the ID over and take an image of the back.
  16. Enter your personal information. The address entered here will be used as your shipping address for your new Wave Money Debit Card. The cell number and email address you enter here will need to be verified in the next step.
  17. Enter the code sent by SMS to verify your phone number.
  18. To verify your email, click on the link sent to your email address. Select Got it! to move to the next step.
  19. Select the checkbox to confirm you are the sole owner of the business, then tap Submit.
  20. Read the Wave Money account and Visa business debit cardholder agreement, then select the checkbox and tap Submit if you agree to it.

After you sign up, Wave reviews your information. This takes two business days, and you will receive an email once the process is complete. Your Wave Money Visa® Business Debit Card normally ships 24 hours later. You will get an email confirming it is on the way.

Most Wave Money Debit Cards arrive within 5 business days. In some cases, shipping can take up to 2 weeks.

While you wait for your card to arrive, you can use your virtual card to make payments online or in person. Tap Start Banking to start using your virtual card with your Wave Money account. Learn more about the Wave Money Visa® Business Virtual Debit Card.

Once you receive your Wave Money Visa Debit card, follow the steps in Activate your Wave Money Visa® Business Debit Card.