[Wave Accounting Basics Video 3] How to Reconcile your Accounts

Reconciliation allows you to double check that your transactions in Wave match up 100% with your bank statements and credit card statements. It's handy way to make sure your records in Wave are accurate, and to be confident you don't have any missing or duplicated transactions.  

This video walks you through how to reconcile your accounts in Wave (Key Step #3). We show you how the reconciliation tool works, and answer some common questions about how to use it.

Let’s learn how to reconcile your accounts in Wave!


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Remember: if you want to have accurate financial records, there are three key steps you need to follow. Here are more resources on each step:

  • Key Step #1 is importing your transactions into Wave, and you can view a video on that topic here.
  • Key Step # 2 is categorizing your transactions, which can be viewed here.
  • Key Step # 3 is reconciling your accounts, which is what this video shows you how to do. 

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