How to set up payroll tax payments and filings

Save time by letting Wave pay and file payroll taxes on your behalf. Here's how to set up and manage your tax payments and filings with Wave Payroll.

Tax payments and filings are available to businesses located in the following states: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. Find out which payments and filings are included here

How to authorize tax payments and filings

Before setting up payments and filings with Wave, you will need to complete the following payroll setup tasks: add your employee(s), enter your business details, tax profile, company signatory, funding account and complete the direct deposit authorization.

  1. Under Payroll > Click Run Payroll
  2. Click Payroll Setup
  3. Under Simplify your payroll
  4. Locate Get automatic tax filings and payments > Click Authorize
  5. Complete the steps that follow to authorize Wave to pay and file your payroll taxes on your behalf.

Once submitted, your tax service application will be reviewed in 14 business days. You will hear from us at the email address you used to sign up for Wave.

While you wait... finish setting up your employees in Wave and ensure Form W-4 information is updated in the employee Tax Details. If you paid employees before switching to Wave, make sure you enter your Payroll History before you approve your first payroll in Wave, so that your payroll calculations are up to date and accurate.

When tax payments and filings are approved

When you have been approved for tax payments and filings, Wave will pay and file your payroll taxes from the beginning of the quarter you’re approved for tax service. For example, if you are approved for tax service on August 15, Wave will handle tax services from the beginning of the third quarter (July 1).

If you have due taxes for the quarter in which your tax service is approved for, we will schedule those for payment as soon as possible. It is important that you review your payroll history and due tax amounts to make sure they're accurate. 

In Wave, you can see accumulating, due and paid payroll taxes in Payroll > Taxes. To review scheduled and submitted tax payments, check out the Payroll Transactions tab.

Please click on the help icon at the bottom of the screen in your Wave account and contact our Support Team if you already made tax payments that are showing due for the current quarter to have them marked as self-paid. Be sure to include the name of the tax and amount of your payment.

While you authorize Wave to submit payroll tax payments and filings on your behalf, you remain responsible for ensuring funds are available when tax payments are due and for reviewing and signing tax forms when they become available in your Wave account.

You are encouraged to enrol with the U.S. Treasury Department's Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) and with your state’s online account(s) to check the status of payroll tax payments. Find out more about how to enrol with EFTPS here.


Household Employers

You are a household employer if the employee(s) you’ve hired fit any of the following categories and work in your home: babysitter, caretaker, house cleaning worker, domestic worker, drivers, health aide, housekeeper, maid, nanny, private nurse, or yard worker.

Wave is unable to pay or file on behalf of Household Employers.

Household employers are welcome to use Wave’s Self-service payroll which means you’ll have to complete and file applicable state and federal paperwork, and pay payroll taxes yourself. Wave makes it easy by calculating the payroll taxes for you.

You can also pay employees by direct deposit, track accumulating and due taxes from Payroll > Taxes and you can generate and download W-2 and W-3 forms at year-end with Self-service payroll.

Note: You are not considered a household employer if you provide a service to clients, such as a daycare provider or you work from home and pay yourself through payroll.