Wave help and support

To provide expert assistance as quickly and efficiently as we can, we connect with our customers through email and live chat rather than by phone. You can access Wave Support right from your account to get quick answers when you need help.

For details on what type of support Wave provides, read the support page on the main Wave site.

When you click the help button in the bottom right-hand corner of any page in Wave, Mave, Wave's chatbot, will greet you.

To access support through Mave, make sure you log in to your Wave account using a supported browser.

Mave is built to quickly answer most questions you have about Wave, help you search the Help Center, or connect you with the Support Team if you are eligible for live support. Mave is available to every Wave user 24/7.

Tips for using Mave:

  • Use short phrases
  • Try different ways of asking your question
  • Use the reply buttons


Support Team availability:

Live chat and email support is available to users who accept Payments, subscribe to Payroll, use Money, or work with an Advisor. Customers who only use our Accounting and/or Invoicing products have access to self-serve support options; Mave and the Help Center.