These important chargeback deadlines dictate the progression of your case.

Day 1:

Wave receives notice of a chargeback being raised on your account and sends you an email detailing the reason for the dispute and recommendations on how to respond. This email will also notify you of when Wave will be debiting your bank account for the amount of the chargeback and the $15 chargeback fee.

Please note: this email notification will be sent to the email you filled out when completing your Wave Payments application.


Day 10:

Deadline for you to gather evidence/documentation and dispute the chargeback.

We recommend getting in touch with your customer before this date to attempt to resolve the dispute, or to gather additional context surrounding the chargeback.


After Receipt of Documentation:

After receiving your response, Wave assembles your documentation into a dispute package and sends it to the cardholder's bank. Wave will notify you by email once the submission has been sent.

After Submission:

The cardholder’s bank has up to 60 days to review and make a decision in favor of the merchant (you), or the cardholder. When Wave receives an update on your chargeback case, we notify you again by email to let you know the results of the case.

If the chargeback is ruled in your favor, Wave will reverse the chargeback debit (including the $15 chargeback fee) within a few days of receiving the results. If the chargeback is ruled in favor of the cardholder, the amount that was debited from your account will remain.

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