Submitting your chargeback documents

Once your documentation is assembled, upload it to our chargeback portal so Wave can forward it to the cardholder’s bank for review.

To upload:

    1. Log in to your account at
    2. Click the link in the chargeback email you received from Wave to upload documentation.
    3. You will be redirected to the upload page which has details of the chargeback (amount, last date to upload, cardholder name, invoice number, etc.).
      There are 8 fields to upload relevant documentation.
    4. When you finish uploading your documentation, click Submit documentation. The information is sent to the disputes team to review and finish assembling the case, and then it is sent to the cardholder’s bank.

This is what you’ll see when you open the link to the chargeback portal:

Email showing the chargeback portal

You will receive a notification from Wave once the documentation has been submitted successfully or with any additional questions regarding the documentation provided.

The only supported upload format for documents is PDF. For help converting your documents to PDF files, check out the converting files to PDF section in our putting documents together guide.

If photos of credit cards or authorization forms containing credit card information must be included, be sure to redact card numbers, displaying only the last 4 digits.