How to send an invoice to multiple emails


Sometimes your customer uses more than one contact email and needs you to send the invoice to more than one email address.

This is how you can send an invoice to more than one email address

  1. After creating and approving your invoice draft, click Send invoice.
  2. In the pop-up modal, your customer’s primary email address will appear as the destination address. To add another contact, click on the blue ‘+’ sign.
  3. If you already have multiple emails associated to your customer’s profile, you can select one of the emails from the drop-down menu. If not, you can enter in a new email address into the additional field.
  4. Fill in any additional information in the modal and click Send.

Check out How to add a customer to learn how to add a secondary email address to your customer’s profile.

Reminder notifications will only be sent to the primary email associated to your customer's contact information.

When sending invoice receipts, remember to re-add the additional emails that your invoice was sent to.