Enabling Payments on your invoice

With both credit card and bank payment processing available through your invoices, Wave Payments makes getting paid faster. Follow along to learn about all of the different Payments features available to you in your invoice.

Wave offers a number of customizable payment options so that you can turn payment processing on and off when you need to.

Getting Started with Payments

To ensure that you are set up and ready to receive payments from your customers, head to the Sales tab and select Payments. Here you’ll be able to fill out your application.

Check out our Payments Help Center article on how to submit your application and get your Payments account set up.


How to enable payments on invoices

Payments in the invoice

You can turn your payment processing ON and OFF on an invoice-by-invoice basis. After you've finished creating your invoice and you've clicked 'Save and continue', you will see an Online Payments toggle button at the top of the page. Select the toggle to open a drop-down menu where you can turn a single processing method ON and OFF (credit cards or bank payments), or turn off Payments on your invoice altogether.

Payments across your entire account

You can turn Payments on and off across your entire account by heading to Settings > Payments.

If Payments has been turned off for your entire business, you can still accept payments through individual invoices by turning them on in the toggle located at the top of your invoice.

In the Settings > Payments page you can also decide which payment type you would like to prioritize. By selecting one payment type over another, you’re choosing which option you would like to be visible to your customer first.

Automatic payments on recurring invoices

Automatic payments enable you to set up your recurring invoices to bill your customers automatically. A few clicks will ensure your repeat customers are notified and billed on a recurring schedule.

    1. Navigate to Sales > Recurring Invoices and create your recurring invoice.
    2. Clicking 'Save and continue' and enter in the sending schedule.
    3. In the Get Paid section, if you’re already active on Payments, Wave will default to requesting your customer’s credit card details so that they can be set up on automatic payments. If you have [previously saved] your customer’s credit card details, click Enter card details to set them up on automatic payments from your side.

When your recurring invoices are set up with automatic payments, an invoice won’t be sent to your customer. Instead, they’ll receive a receipt when the automatic payment has been processed.