Applying to Wave Money as a registered business

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If you're operating a registered business and are applying to open an account with Wave Money, there are different documents that our teams will require in order to approve your application. This article will give you a sense of which documents you'll want to have handy for a smooth application process.

Business Name

All registered businesses completing an application to open a Wave Money account will need to provide a document to help us confirm the legal business name. The type of document will vary depending on your business type:

  • LLC's will need to provide their "Articles of Organization"
  • Corporations will need to provide their "Articles of Incorporation"
  • Non-profits will need to provide their "Organizational Charter/Constitution" or "Certificate of Formation"

Business Status

For any business where your business status is not captured on your state's website, we will require a "Certificate of Good Standing" in order to verify your status. With that in mind, a Certificate of Good Standing may not be required in all cases: if we do require this document from you, we will let you know after you've submitted your initial documents within the application. 

If we request a Certificate of Good Standing and you do not have one, you can contact your state to purchase one (fees will vary from state to state).

Business Address

For any business where the address you've entered into the application does not match the documents provided for your legal business name (see Business Name section above), or does not match the address registered on your state's website, we will require additional documentation to verify the current business address. This can be accomplished by submitting one of the following: 

  • The most recent bank statement for your business
  • A telephone or utility bill dated to the last 90 days
  • Any other bill your business has received in the last 90 days

These documents will only be considered valid if they include your business name and business address.


Finally, if you've provided your EIN within the application or are a type of corp, we will require you to provide a copy of your EIN letter from the Department of Treasury. Alternatively, you can provide us with your most recent tax return.