How to resume transaction imports if your username has changed

If you have changed the username of your online banking portal after the account was connected in Wave, there are a few steps you would need to take to set up your imports again.

If the username of your online banking portal has changed, you may notice that your bank connection in Wave stops importing transactions, prompting you to reconnect. In order to reconnect your account with the updated credentials, you would need to delete the connection and connect it again. Deleting a connection will not affect the existing transactions that were previously imported.

Before you delete the connection, navigate to Accounting > Transactions and click on the account dropdown menu at the top of the page to select the account to which transactions were previously importing for your existing connection. Make a note of the account name and the date when the last transaction was imported successfully under that account. You will need this information when you reconnect the account.

  1. Navigate to Banking > Connected accounts.
  2. Locate the account for which you have an updated username, and click on the trash icon beside the connection to delete it.
  3. Search for your bank and connect it again.

    It isn’t possible to add your bank account manually, using your account and routing numbers, on the Banking > Connected Accounts page, to import transactions. If you don’t see your bank account listed, that particular financial institution is not currently supported by Plaid. You can add transactions to Wave by setting up Wave Connect or uploading statements instead.

  4. Toggle imports on for each account you want to import from, and select the correct start date (based on the date of the last successful import on your transactions page).
  5. Select the account to which you want the imports to go (select the existing account where transactions were previously importing).

If you don't select a start date and the account to import to, transactions from as far back as possible would import to a new account created automatically under Chart of Accounts, which will result in duplicates.