How to use the Wave Dashboard

The Wave Dashboard gives you an overview of how your business is performing and allows you to take some quick actions, all from one page.

Overview of the Wave Dashboard

The Wave Dashboard is an overview page where you can see your business’s cash flow report, income and expenses at a glance, the balances in your connected accounts, and a summary of your upcoming invoice and bill payments. When you log in to your Wave account, by default, the Dashboard is the first page you will see. You can also click on Dashboard from the left navigation menu of your Wave account to view the Wave Dashboard anytime.

If you have multiple businesses in Wave, each business will have a separate dashboard. To switch between businesses, click on the top left of your Wave account, and select the specific business profile from the dropdown menu. The Wave Dashboard cannot be customized.

Understand how your business is performing

In the top right section of your dashboard, you will see a chart of your cash flow, as well as your income and expenses. You can view these for the last 12 months or click on the option to view them for the last 24 months. The cash flow chart shows you the money coming in and going out of your business and the net change, while the profit and loss chart shows you the income and expense per month. Hovering your mouse over the graph for each month shows you the amounts as well. The charts on the dashboard are accrual-based. If you click on View Report beside each chart, you will be taken to the Reports page where you can get a detailed view of your reports. From the Reports page, you have the option to switch to a cash-based report.

Actions you can take from your Wave Dashboard

You can also use the dashboard to take quick actions in Wave. By clicking on the Create a new button at the top right of the dashboard page, you can easily create a new transaction, estimate, invoice, recurring invoice, bill, customer, vendor, product, or service. Under the Things you can do section on the left side of the page, you can invite a guest collaborator or click on the option to customize your invoices.

Upcoming and overdue payments

The Payable and Owing section of the dashboard shows you the invoices that are coming due and the bills that you need to pay, without having to navigate to the Reports page.

You will also see an Overdue invoices and bills box on the left side of the dashboard page, where you can see some of your overdue invoices and bills, including the customer and vendor names.

Net Income and Expense breakdown

At the bottom of the Dashboard page, you will be able to see your net income for your previous two fiscal years, and a chart with a breakdown of your expenses. You have the option to view the breakdown of your expenses for the current month or the current year. If you want to view detailed reports to understand your business’s performance, navigate to the Reports section of your Wave account through the left navigation menu.