Can I delete a draft Recurring Invoice?

You may begin a Recurring Invoice and then decide you no longer need this or circumstances can sometimes change. But can you delete a draft Recurring Invoice?

The short answer is no. Once a draft Recurring Invoice is created in your Wave account, this can't be deleted. This isn't the end for this Recurring Invoice though, as there is a way to use this still.

What to do with your draft Recurring Invoices

Instead of letting your draft Recurring Invoices pile up each time you no longer need one, you can utilize these for your next Recurring Invoice. Why not make it a habit to check your Draft section of the Recurring Invoices page before creating a new Recurring Invoice?

You can use a previously drafted Recurring Invoice to create a new Recurring Invoice for a customer. This means that your Draft section can remain specifically for drafts of Recurring Invoices and you no longer have unfinished versions filling up your draft section.

As draft versions are not tied to specific customers, there are no repercussions of using an old draft for a new customer! You are able to fully edit the customer, schedule and product/services!