How to use the personal profile in your Wave account

The personal profile in your Wave account can help you keep track of your personal finances, and ensure they’re separate from your business finances.

When you create a new Wave account, you will have a personal profile set up by default. To view your personal profile, click on your business name on the top left corner of your Wave account, and select Personal from the drop-down menu.

You can import transactions into your personal profile, as well as categorize transactions, and reconcile your personal accounts.

Learn more about the Transactions page, and account reconciliation in Wave.

The Payroll tab in your personal profile allows you to view your pay stubs and tax forms if your employer uses Wave Payroll to pay you. Your employer would first need to invite you before you can view these.

Learn more about viewing your payroll information in Wave if you are an employee.

You cannot delete or archive personal profiles in Wave. You can delete a Wave account, however, this also deletes your business profiles, along with the personal profile. Please note that once a Wave account is deleted, the data cannot be recovered.