Check Wave’s status page in case of outages

If you’re having trouble with any pages in your Wave account, check Wave’s status page to see if there is an ongoing incident. If Wave is experiencing a full or partial outage on its site, the status page will be updated with details of the incident. During an active outage, the page is updated periodically with available information on the resolution.

If you don’t see any updates posted on the status page, then you may be experiencing an issue related to the browser or device you are using. As a first step, try clearing the cache and cookies on your browser. If that does not work, see more troubleshooting steps and information on the browsers supported by Wave in What browsers does Wave support?

If you continue to experience problems using Wave, open Mave, Wave’s automated chatbot, and type issue using Wave. Mave will help collect any relevant details and direct you to the appropriate support. Learn how to open Mave in Get support with Wave.