You cannot create a bill on Wave's mobile app. To create a bill, log in to Wave from a web browser.

  1. Log in to your account through
  2. On the left navigation menu, click Purchases > Bills.
  3. Click Create a bill on the right.
  4. The Add bill screen will open up. Here is an overview of all of the fields:
    • Vendor — This is who you purchased the items from. If your vendors have already been entered in the system, they will appear on the list. If they are new, click Add new vendor and fill in the information.

      Make sure you select the correct vendor type. The contractor type allows you to generate contractor tax forms at year end, and pay bills by direct deposit. Both generating tax forms and paying contractor bills by direct deposit require a Wave Payroll subscription.

    • Currency — You can select a different currency if the items are in a different currency than your normal business currency.
    • Date — The date on the bill you received.
    • Due Date - When you have to pay the bill.
    • P.O/S.O. - Purchase Order or Shipping Order.
    • Bill # — The number of the bill you received. This is good to keep on file for reference.
  5. Add the items you purchased, which expense account you want to categorize them into, the quantity, price, and tax. You can add multiple items by clicking Add a line.
    When entering the price of an item, enter the pre-tax amount. If you add a tax to the line item, it will be calculated and added on top of the product amount.

    Learn to create a new sales tax from a bill in your web browser.

  6. Click Save.
Deleted bills can’t be recovered.

To export your data, use Wave’s Google sheets integration, Wave Connect or use the data export function.