Wave Checkouts: Create a checkout

Wave Checkouts lets you get paid for a service or product you offer, without needing to create an invoice every time.

You can probably think of lots of situations where it makes sense for your business to get paid up front. Maybe you’re taking a deposit on a long-term project, or you want to offer your clients the ability to purchase a package offer or a discount bundle.

Wave Checkouts works by creating a unique payment link that you can provide your customers or post on your business’s website or Facebook page. You can also generate a QR code for the payment link. When your customers click the link or scan the QR code, they can pay you with their credit card, and they’ll automatically get a receipt once payment is successfully processed.

You can create as many checkouts as you need for different services or products. For example, if you charge $45 for a tap class, but $60 for a hip-hop class, you can create a tap checkout and a hip-hop checkout. If you want to offer a deal where your clients can take both classes for $95, you can create a checkout for that too!

Create a checkout

To create checkouts you need to set up Wave Payments first. Learn how in Set up Wave Payments.

  1. On the left-side menu, click Sales & Payments > Checkouts.
  2. Click Create a checkout.
  3. Click Add a product or service and select an item from the drop-down menu, or click Create a new item.

    Creating a new item also adds it to your list of products and services.

  4. You can edit the item’s description, price, and taxes at this stage.

    If you added the wrong item, click the trash can icon to remove it.

  5. If you want to change the income account, click Edit the income account. This ensures the sales from the product or service are tracked correctly on your reports.
  6. To collect your customer’s phone number and/or address when they make a payment, check the boxes next to check the boxes next to Request phone number and/or Request address.
  7. To allow your customers to purchase more than one quantity of the item, check the box next to Allow multiple purchases. Your customer will see an option to adjust the quantity when they make a payment.
  8. To allow this checkout to generate a recurring invoice to automatically bill your customers, toggle Add recurring payment to ON. Learn more about recurring invoices created from checkouts in Set up a checkout that processes recurring payments.
  9. Enter an optional message that will be displayed after the customer makes a successful payment.
  10. Click Save and turn on at the top.

You’ll see a unique link to the checkout that you can share with your customers or add to your website. You can also create a QR code for your checkout. You can share this with customers on the go using your phone, use instead of a link on your website, and add it to promotional material like business cards. To create a QR code for your checkout, click Download QR Code.

When your client scans the QR code or clicks the link to your checkout, they’ll be taken to a page where they can enter their credit card information, and get a receipt after successful payment.

To see a list of all the checkouts you’ve created, click on Sales & Payments > Checkouts again. From here, you can click on the dropdown arrow under Actions to edit or turn off any existing checkouts, or find the link to the checkout if you need to share it again.

Turning off a checkout takes that checkout offline, and the payment link and QR code will no longer work. You can turn a checkout back on at any time by clicking Turn On.

View payments processed with Wave Checkouts

You can see all checkout payments, declined/failed payments, and refunds under Sales & Payments > Payments.