Why can't I bulk edit certain transactions?

Transactions can only be bulk edited if they qualify for all the changes you're trying to make. Here, we'll walk through some of the common reasons bulk editing may fail with certain transactions.

Let’s say you’ve selected 3 transactions. You want to bulk update their category and applicable sales taxes. All the selected transactions that are eligible for those bulk actions will be successfully edited. The transactions that cannot be edited with those actions won't be updated, and you'll receive a notification telling you how many transactions could not be updated. Click the link in this notification to be taken to a page where you can work with these transactions individually.


Once they are categorized, saved transactions can be marked as reviewed in bulk.

Your transaction may not be editable in bulk if:

The transaction cannot be edited. For example:

  • Wave Payments transactions and Stripe transactions cannot be edited or deleted as they are created by Wave automatically and are already correctly categorized.
  • Sales tax cannot be applied to Wave Payments, Stripe, and manually entered invoice and bill payments, as any tax was already applied at the time the invoice or bill was created.
  • Sales tax cannot be edited on transfers or journal entries, because sales tax can’t be applied to these types of transactions.
  • Accounts can’t be edited for transfers because this will “break” the transfer. However, if you’ve seen an error with a transfer and need to change the account, this can be done at the individual transaction level – see the list below.

The transaction is only editable individually. For example:

  • If the transaction is a multi-line transaction, like a payroll entry, Wave can't tell which line you want to edit when you bulk select. Go to this transaction individually to update category or sales tax on specific lines.
  • If the transaction is a journal entry, Wave doesn't know which money account or category type you're trying to update, so you’ll need to handle this type of transaction individually.
  • Individual transfers that you’ve entered manually can be edited individually, but not in bulk, for the same reason.