Set up payroll in Wave

Step 1: Gather the information you’ll need

Find out what information you’ll need before you begin in What information do I need to get started with payroll in Wave?

Step 2: Open payroll setup

On the left-side menu, click Payroll > Run Payroll. Then click the Payroll Setup button.

Step 3: Add your employees

Add your employees' details so Wave can accurately calculate their pay. Learn how in Add an employee to payroll.

Add all employees that you’ve paid this year, even if they are no longer active on your payroll. This means you can enter all employees’ wages and taxes in your payroll history, to ensure the tax forms Wave generates for your business are correct.

Step 4: Enter your business details

Fill in your Business profile by clicking Add details to the right of Business.

Step 5: Add a company signatory

Enter the details of the individual in your business who has signing authority on behalf of the company. Find instructions in Add or edit your company signatory.

Step 6: Choose a pay schedule

Select when and how often you want to pay your employees. Learn how in Set your payroll frequency.

Step 7: Add a funding account

If you plan on paying your employees by direct deposit, add the details of the bank account you want to use to pay your employees.

Step 8: Fill in your tax profile

Enter your tax details so that Wave can accurately track your tax liabilities and due dates. Find instructions in Complete your tax profile.

Step 9: Enter payroll history

If you have run any payrolls outside of Wave this year, you'll need to enter the wages and taxes paid into Wave. This allows Wave to accurately calculate them going forward. Find detailed instructions in Enter payroll history.

Step 10: Submit a direct deposit application

If you want to pay your employees by direct deposit, rather than by check, submit an application.