Submitting your chargeback documents

Put your documents together with the tips below so we can submit a thorough case on your behalf.

Documentation Upload Page

Now that you have prepared your documentation, you can upload it to our chargeback portal so that we can forward it to the cardholder’s bank for review.

Email showing the chargeback portal

Steps to upload:

  1. Ensure that you are logged into your Wave account.
  2. In the chargeback email, click the link to upload documentation.
  3. You will be redirected to the upload page which has details of the chargeback (amount, last date to upload, cardholder name, invoice number etc.). You have 8 fields to upload relevant documentation.
  4. When you are finished uploading your documentation, click the “submit documentation” button and we will send your package to the cardholder's bank.

Wave sends you a notification when the documentation has been successfully submitted or if we have any additional questions regarding the documentation provided.

The only supported upload format is PDF. If you need help converting your documents to PDF files, check out the converting files to PDF section in our putting documents together guide.

Please ensure that uploaded documents do not contain photos of credit cards or authorization forms with complete credit card numbers. You can redact the card numbers and display only the last 4 digits if this information is required.