How to account for subscriptions

If you have a recurring expense, like a subscription that you pay for every month, you can keep track of it in Wave. If you import transactions into Wave for bookkeeping, all you need to do is categorize the expense transaction to an appropriate expense account.

Wave does not currently have a feature that can automate recurring expenses. However, you can keep track of these expenses by categorizing the transactions to an existing expense account, or a custom expense account.

To categorize the transaction:

  1. Open the Transactions page.
  2. Locate the expense transaction, or create a new expense transaction.
  3. Open the Category field.
  4. Select your subscription expense account, or create a new expense account, under the Account Type Operating Expense.
  5. Select Save.

If you have questions about the specific account to select when categorizing your transactions, we recommend reaching out to an accountant or bookkeeper.