Categorize or recategorize transactions

The Transactions page is only available in the web browser version of Wave. To view the Transactions page, first log in to your Wave account at


Categorizing transactions in Wave helps you to track the amount under a specific account in your reports. For example, if you have multiple transactions categorized to the same expense account, the reports will help you understand the total amount spent on that expense over a certain period. If a transaction is not categorized, it will show on your reports as Uncategorized Income or Uncategorized Expense. Learn more about the reports available in Wave in Understanding your Reports page.

Categorize or recategorize a transaction

  1. On the left-side menu, select Accounting > Transactions, and locate the transaction.
  2. Click the Category field, and select an account from the dropdown menu.

    If you don’t find an appropriate option in the list, create a custom account under your Chart of Accounts by clicking on Add a new category at the bottom of the Category dropdown menu.


If you have a Pro Plan subscription, Wave automatically categorizes your transactions imported through a bank connection. If a transaction was categorized incorrectly, follow the steps above to recategorize your transaction. To learn more about how Wave automatically categorizes transactions, see Automated bookkeeping with auto-updates.