View your payouts

What's the difference between a payment and a payout?

A payment is the money that customers pay you on invoices sent through Wave.

A payout is the group of funds from Wave that are deposited into your bank account. Your payouts will equal your customers' payments, minus processing fees and any instant payouts you took.


A payout can sometimes be a negative amount because of refunds you issued or chargebacks from your customers. When this happens, Wave will withdraw that amount from your bank account.

View your payouts

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. On the left navigation menu, click Banking > Payouts.

You will see a list of your payouts and the status of each payout–whether it’s still processing or has been completed.

To see a breakdown of which invoice payments are included in a payout, and the total processing fees deducted before it is deposited into your bank account, click on the payout.