Understanding the recurring invoice scheduler

You can find the recurring invoice scheduler in the second step of the recurring invoice creation process. 

Using the recurring invoice scheduler, you can determine with what frequency you would like your invoices to generate, when they should start, when they should end, and for how long you would like this schedule to continue. You can customize your invoices to generate on a schedule that suits your business. 

  • Schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly invoices to generate indefinitely, to start and end on the dates of your choosing, or after a predetermined number of invoices are created. Wave's Custom option allows for more unique specifications, including bi-weekly, quarterly, and semi-annual schedules.  
  • Select your customer's timezone to ensure that they receive the invoice at the time of your choosing. This setting applies to creating, sending, and automatic payments for your invoices. 

    Automatic sending of recurring invoices is available to businesses that accept online payments through Wave or subscribe to Wave's Pro Plan.

If necessary, you can modify your schedule after you have finished creating your invoice, or choose to end it at any time. Learn how to make these changes in Edit a recurring invoice