Recurring invoices: What does this status mean?

On the Recurring Invoice list page, you can use the status column as a quick visual reference for what's going on with your Recurring Invoices. You'll also find that if there are any invoices requiring your attention, they will be under a special Needs Attention tab for easy access. 

Here are the statuses you will find on the list page, and what they mean:


You've finished creating this invoice but have not activated it. Activate so that Wave can start creating and sending your invoices!


This invoice has been finished and activated. Wave will generate invoices according to the schedule you chose during the invoice creation process. They'll also be automatically paid and sent if you've selected those options.  


You chose to end this recurring invoice schedule. No further invoices will be created or sent.


All scheduled recurring invoices have been created. This schedule has generated all invoices and is now complete. 


There was a problem with your recurring invoices. The error could be a creation error, a sending error, or a payment error. Click on this status to view more details.

If you've encountered an error with an invoice, you'll see a highlighted box underneath that invoice on the list page. You will see a Take Action drop-down menu, where you can find proposed solutions to resolve any issues with your payment method, or with invoice creation or sending.