What to do if you can't find your Wave account

There are two ways to create a Wave account: by creating an account directly with us OR by logging in using your existing Google/Yahoo credentials.

If all of your data looks like it’s disappeared, you may have clicked the option to sign in in a different manner than you normally do for your existing account.

In order to verify that this is the situation, click on your business name in the top left corner, and click Sign Out. You will see the login page. Sign in with the original method you used to set up your Wave account.

If you created an account directly with Wave (meaning you created a unique Wave password) on the login page, enter the email address that you used to sign up for Wave, and your password. Do not log in using Google/Yahoo. You may need to reset your password if you do not remember it.

If you originally logged in using your Google or Yahoo credentials, log in using that account. Once you have logged in, you should see the data you remember entering. If you have multiple businesses, click your business name in the top left corner to navigate between them.

What if you can’t find your original account?

  • Try logging in using old email addresses
  • Request password resets for old email addresses if you can’t remember them
  • Check your browser history, and try going back to a page you last had success with

If you still can't access your account:

  1. Search for "waveapps" in your web history.
  2. Find the URL for a sales page. An invoice page or an estimate page will work, for example.
  3. Copy the URL into a text file.
  4. Locate the Business ID. This is the series of numbers and letters directly following https://waveapps.com/
  5. Contact support to explain the situation and provide your Business ID.
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