What to do if you can't see your Wave data

The security of your Wave account and the integrity of your data is incredibly important to us. Wave's system cannot delete or remove data without your consent. If you've logged in to Wave and it looks like some or all of your data is missing, here's what to do.

Unless you (or someone else who had owner access to your account) deliberately went through every step of our 6 step account closure process, your data is intact.

Let's find your data

What’s happening?

Why is this happening?

How do I fix it?

You’re on the Transactions page and don’t see the transactions you expect.

Transaction Filters are hiding the data you’re looking for – e.g. filtering to Unverified Transactions when all your transactions are Verified, or vice versa.

Check your filters to make sure you’re not filtering out what you want to see.

You’re on an Invoice tab, and invoices are missing.

Invoice Filters are turned on, and you may be looking at the wrong tab.

Invoice Filters apply across all tabs. So if you visit the Unpaid tab, but your filter is selecting only Paid invoices, you won’t see any data. Try clearing your filters and see if what you’re looking for reappears.

You’re not seeing the business data you expect to see.

You have more than one business, or are a user on one or more businesses.

Wave lets you have multiple businesses under one account login, and generally remembers which business you worked with last. Sometimes, however, if you don’t log in for a long time, or log in using a different computer than usual, you might not get the business you expect when you first log in. Check the tab in the top right corner, and pick the right business.


All your data seems to be missing, including settings and preferences, like the layout of your invoices.

You have accidentally created a new Wave account.

Creating a new account by accident is much easier than you’d imagine. Simply sign out and sign back into your original account.

Click here for more help if you can't find your original account.

My Wave business isn’t there.

You have archived your Wave business.

You can restore an archived business. Here’s how to restore it:

  1. Click on the tab in the top right corner and choose Profile settings
  2. Click on Businesses
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Any archived business will appear under the heading Archived Businesses
  4. Click Restore next to the business you want to unarchive, then click "Yes, restore my business" to confirm

My Wave account really is gone.

You, or another person to whom you have given FULL owner access to your account, has deliberately deleted your Wave account and all your Wave businesses.

Only individuals with full OWNER access can delete Wave accounts. View and Edit Users cannot delete Wave accounts.

Don’t panic too soon: deleting a Wave account is not easy, so let's be sure that's really what has happened.

Did you:

  1. Sign in to Wave;
  2. Click on your business name in the top right corner;
  3. Select Profile settings from the drop-down menu;
  4. Scroll down and click on Close This Wave Account, located at the bottom of the page;
  5. Follow the instructions to close the Wave account;
  6. Open the email sent to your primary Wave email address, and click on the link to confirm you definitely want to permanently delete your account and all your businesses within it?

If you didn't complete all of the above steps, your data is still intact. Double-check the table above to see which explanation in fact applies to you.